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We are a duo operating in different areas of design. Currently, we are pursuing bachelor's degrees at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The university workshop is our second home, because we just love to design! We are interested in issues such as the relationship between tradition and localisation, material research, sustainable development and social design. We want every user to be able to build a personal bond with the items we design. Our projects are shown at art and design exhibitions and awarded in national and international competitions: Młodzi na Start - Elle decoration during Gdynia Design Days 2018; ECO Make: Blue Drop 2018; Kruhy at vode 2018 - exhibitions in Bratislava, Budapest, Košice and Warsaw; Siemens Future Living Award 2019.

Project description:
Lighting effects and colour mixing are the result of dichromatic coating placed in cylinders at different angles (parallel to the ground and at an angle of 30 degrees). In Hola the colours are activated in contact with light - without that factor the vases seem to be transparent, cylindrical forms. When exposed to sunshine the multi-coloured surface casts colourful shadows on the ground, while water poured into the vases shimmers. By changing the angle of light or point of view, we can see new colour combinations, which range from basic to derivatives. The vases, minimalistic in form and at the same time magical in combination with light, create an abstract colour landscape. We want to transfer phenomena that can be observed in nature into the household. Holi allows one to create a new, sensitive relationship between the user and the product.