an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!

make me! 2021 awards

A forest playground, ceramic urns, a children's EKG holter and a project of genital models - during the award ceremony, we announced the winners of the latest edition of the make me! contest for young designers!

The awards gala was attended by the organizers of the contest, representatives of the founders of the awards - Interprint and Ceramika Paradyż and the full composition of this year's jury.

The make me! Interprint Award in the amount of PLN 10,000 funded by its sponsor INTERPRINT Polska went to Zofia Hernas for the project "Malu" - a children's EKG holter. The aim of the project was to create a product tailored to the needs of small patients and to improve comfort during the examination.

LDF2021 make me Zofia Hernas Malu dzieciecy holter EKG Polska 4

The 3rd make me! Paradyż Award in the amount of PLN 10,000 funded by the festival partner Ceramika Paradyż went to Marlena Norowska for the Obwara - ceramic urns project. The project is an exploration of the ceramic firing. It is a technique that involves immersing a vessel straight from the oven in a fermented solution.

LDF2021 make me Marlena Norowska Obwara urny ceramiczne Polska 1

The 2nd make me! Paradyż Award in the amount of PLN 20,000 went to Natalia Gajo and Zuzanna Walkiewicz for the project Opniaki - forest playground. These are multifunctional elements for playing among trees, designed for a group of ten children and one educator, e.g. for participants of summer camps.

LDF2021 make me Natalia Gajo Zuzanna Walkiewicz Opniaki lesny plac zabaw Polska 4

The 1st make me! Paradyż Award in the amount of PLN 30,000 went to Daria Wypiór for the project Show where you have your nose, ear, vulva, which aims to create teaching aids for early school age children. The project consists of genital models connected with neodymium magnets, instructions for use and packaging. One of the basic assumptions is to simplify the shape of the organs so that it is legible but free of vulgarity.

LDF2021 make me Daria Wypior Pokaz gdzie masz nos ucho srom Polska 1