an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!

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In recent years, several major trends of projects submitted to the make me! contest can be distinguished. The authors of the highlighted ideas have developed particular interest in topics related to new materials, social solutions or reinterpreted functionality of market products. Designs of new materials were responsible for the use of raw materials, processing and exploitation of the environment. They were also a response to the needs of a changing world, used potential production waste, or were created from scratch in full harmony with nature. In contrast, socially responsible projects were created to facilitate the everyday life of people with disabilities. These projects often overcame barriers and broke taboos. They were also a solution to the needs of the modern world and influenced the quality of human functioning. Created primarily for people and for people. Among market products, in addition to furniture and interior design projects, easy to manufacture or ergonomic, there were items with additional function and symbolism. The rituals assigned to them alluded to the problems of today's world, or reminded of those completely forgotten today. Designs from the borderline of critical design or experiment have also become a strong element of exhibitions, engaging the recipient in their story.

Interviews with the make me! finalists are a handful of practical information, interesting stories and tips - get inspired!