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Women's Footwear Concept Project


Iga Węglińska ­­(born 1986) Graduate from the Faculty of Industrial Forms at the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow and SAPU Fashion Design Department in Cracow. Iga pursues a career in fashion and design.

Project description:
The objective of the project is a deconstruction not only of the form of shoes, but also of the way of thinking about shoes. The designer presents footwear as a sculpture able to serve practical purposes. The Japan aesthetics of a search for beauty in imperfection – wabi-sabi – provided an inspiration for the projects. The projects combine the world of design with the world of fashion, crafts with art, tradition with modernity – through the form of shoes, as well as they are a combination of traditional shoemaker’s methods with new technologies, i.e. 3D scan, 3D printing, CNC milling. Shoes cast from the material developed especially for this purpose are the results of collaboration with a chemist. Although the designs of shoes seem to be in contradiction of gravity, they are completely functional. The author believes that designers have the possibility to raise people’s awareness of the new aesthetics and new forms. Iga tries to take advantage of this privilege through her designs.