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Show where your nose, ear, vulva


Project description:
"Gregory, show me where is your eye, where is your ear, and where is your nose"? It is a popular counting-out game, thanks to which child learns the main body parts. Unfortunately, intimate parts are missed in it. Learning about them in the nearest future causes in a child disinformation and becomes a taboo. The school subject Sex Education is also problematic, as it starts in the 4th grade in a primary school. It is too late to explain to a 9-year-old boy that his class female friend has different sex organs.
That is why I created the "Show where is your nose, ear, vulva” project, which is a teaching material dedicated to early childhood education. The model is consisted of simplified sex organs models that are combined with neodymium magnets, manual and packaging. My assumption was to simplify form of sex organs to avoid vulgarity. Works of artists of the 20th century were an inspiration.

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Lodz. In designing she is guided primarily by empathy and sensitivity. She considers projects in a broader context, taking care not only of the needs but also the emotions of the users. She takes up versatile design themes, which is why in her portfolio you can find industrial products, jewelry, as well as ship architecture projects.