an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!

exhibition 2021

make me! exhibition at OFF Piotrkowska 14-23/05/2021 

The exhibition of final projects in this year's make me! - international contest for young designers, it will be available to see at OFF Piotrkowska. It is a unique space combining creative studios, music clubs, restaurants and showrooms, with the first prize in the plebiscite "7 new wonders of Poland". A must-see for weekend meetings in the former Franciszek Ramisch spinning and weaving mill, hailed by CNN as "the coolest district in Europe".

At the exhibition designed by Katarzyna Ludwisiak from Łódź Design Festival, you will be able to see as many as 26 works, the authors of which will find out on the day of the festival's opening whether they have earned the make me! Design Awards with a total value of PLN 70,000. Thanks to the support of Ceramika Paradyż, the most talented will receive financial awards make me! Paradyż Awards in the amount of PLN 60,000. Make me! The Interprint Award in the amount of PLN 10,000 will be donated by its sponsor, INTERPRINT Polska.

The make me! exhibition 2021
Organizer: Łódź Design Festival
Partner: OPG Property Professionals, OFF Piotrkowska
Design, arrangement, production: Katarzyna Ludwisiak
Production support: Gosia Gontarska
Editing and production: Maciej Kobalczyk, Marcin Tomes


Since 2008, the make me! contest for young designers organised by the Łódź Design Festival has been attracting the most talented designers from all over the world. During the 12th edition, almost 2000 contestants submitted their works, out of which 235 were selected and presented at the final exhibitions. The most important goal of make me! is to anticipate upcoming trends, promote bold ideas and support young designers. Finalists of previous editions highlight the opportunities they gained by participating in the contest, including the possibility to make a name for oneself in the design community and promotion through numerous publications or further exhibitions.

This year's jury consisting of Maja Ganszyniec, Boaz Katz, Joanna Jo Jurga, Maurizio Burrato, Jerzy Porębski oraz Michał Piernikowski selected 26 final projects from the submitted applications. All final projects will be on display from May 14th at the unique contest exhibition as part of the 15th Łódź Design Festival.

make me! 2021 finalists

  1. Marlena Norowska - Obvara – ceramic urns (Poland)
  2. Christine Oehme - Werkelküche (Germany)
  3. Boey Wang - Immeasurable Range (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  4. Boey Wang - Haptics of Cooking (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  5. Audrone Drungilaite for EMKO - Linen Rug CHAOS (Lithuania)
  6. Daria Wypiór - Show where your nose, ear, vulva (Poland)
  7. Jana Potiron - Do not disturb my coffee zen (Slovakia)
  8. Emilie Burfeind - Sneature – waste based footwear (Germany)
  9. Callum Ferguson - Plastibank (United Kingdom)
  10. Nicole Scheller - IP/PRIVACY (Germany)
  11. Julia Kędzierska - bread in common (Poland)
  12. Marta Rzepińska - Bubel (Poland)
  13. Dominika Gacka and Julia Piekarska (REST textile studio) - Green Yarns Lab (Poland)
  14. Austeja Platukyte - ZERO WASTE | experimental packaging from algae-based material (Lithuania)
  15. Joanna Krokosz - Uni – versatile rain jacket (Poland)
  16. Adrienn Veres - Infinity – recycled plastic chair (Hungary)
  17. Magdalena Bojko-Michalak - TOTEMS – an intergenerational game (Poland)
  18. Magda Dziewit - Huddle (Poland)
  19. Szymon Zakrzewski - capitalist toys (Poland)
  20. Bartosz Brylewski - How to re-invent the craft? (Poland)
  21. Dennis Teichert - Wire (Germany)
  22. Mateusz Sipiora - Supersonic KickScooter (Poland)
  23. Zofia Hernas - Malu – children’s ECG Holter (Poland)
  24. Adrienn Király and Bálint Szalai (itthon. studio) - itthon. (Hungary)
  25. Natalia Gajo and Zuzanna Walkiewicz - Opniaki – portable forest playground (Poland)
  26. Barbara Olejarczyk (Krzyżówka) - Let’s play colours (Poland)

The prizes awarded will amount to EUR ~15.500! Thanks to the 15-year support of Ceramika Paradyż, also this year the best young designers will receive financial awards make me! Paradyż Awards with a total value of EUR ~13.200! A special Interprint Award of EUR ~2.200 will be provided by its Sponsor INTERPRINT Polska.

Winners will be announced May 14 at. 6 p.m during the award ceremony which will be broadcasted online free of charge and without registration here:, on our Youtube channel: and on our Facebook page:

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